What materials are used to make dice?

My dice are made of epoxy resin, a liquid resin in two components to be mixed. Inclusions are variable and can for example include dried flowers, metallic flakes, glitter, small plastic or resin printed objects, etc.

Is resin toxic?

Resin is a dangerous product only in its liquid state, when the two components that constitute it are mixed. When completely solidified, it does not represent any risk. It is nevertheless strongly advised not to put the dice in the mouth, in particular because of the risk of suffocation if they were to be ingested.

Are the dice balanced?

All dice, whether artisanal or made by major brands (eg Chessex), are not 100% balanced but the loss is erased by the force of the roll. Indeed, the numbered faces cause a slight difference in balance, as do any wear marks due to throws. Only casino dice, changed regularly and whose faces are compensated, can promise perfect balance.

The various inclusions used do not have enough weight to compromise the throws.

Where are your dice made?

All the dice on this website are made by me at my home in Paris. No dice sold by Sweet Almiraj come from another creator or another company.

Where to follow Sweet Almiraj's activity?

You can follow the life of the shop on social networks:

Do not hesitate to contact us for any other questions!

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